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About Packlinq

Since the start of our webshop in 2012, we have grown fast. So fast that nowadays you can come to us for almost all your packaging and hobby products. We say ‘almost’, because new articles are added every day. From new prints for bags, gift boxes in new colours or a new line of markers. Our offer gets a little better every day!

As do we, by the way. From our customer service to our interns, everyone is critical, thinks ahead, is friendly and customer-oriented. Getting better and doing better every day is part of our corporate culture. With the growth we are experiencing, that culture is becoming increasingly important. Many new colleagues are joining us, and our challenge is to ensure that everyone embraces and propagates the Packlinq culture. We do that step by step, a little bit better every day.

We improve and grow not only through our own efforts, but also thanks to you: our customer! Your feedback ensures that we continue to learn and develop. From improvements to our website to new products in our range. But no matter how much we change, one thing remains the same: our values.

Our goal is that you can enjoy the beautiful products you have bought in our webshop as soon as possible. It's only logical that you’ll have your order delivered to you the next day, right? And when you receive that package, we'll do everything we can to make sure you're happy with it. We do this by going the extra mile; with fast deliveries and a nice present (or two) in the box!

Packlinq is changing constantly. Because it's possible, but sometimes also because it must be done. Every year we expand to different European countries with a few local shops. This requires a lot from our colleagues, but also from our business partners, systems, and processes. Due to this, flexibility is in our veins. We are critical of ourselves and want to make adjustments wherever necessary. We don’t just talk, we make it happen! Just like we started our webshop in 2012: just start! We will continue to innovate, experiment and measure until we are the webshop you come to for all your packaging and hobby products. And even then we know for sure that we can still say we're doing a little better every day!

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