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Nowadays photos aren’t developed nearly as often as before. Many people only save their photos digitally and print just a handful. But if you’re a school photographer, printed school photos are pretty much your most important product. And of course, you want to protect this product against all sorts of outside influences as well as possible. The Packlinq school photo bags help you out!

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Zipper bags are used all the time, by private individuals as well as by companies. Not surprising, because this type of bag can be used for many different purposes, some of them are even suitable for food products. Besides, the crystal-clear zipper bags are sustainable and super easy to use. It’s just a matter of choosing the right size and voila: you’ll have a beautiful packaging for your product or a perfect way to organize things in no time.

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Few packaging materials are as multifunctional as cardboard window boxes. Whether you are selling food products, cards, clothes, cosmetics, or jewellery, in these handy Packlinq kraft boxes you can sell your products in an amazing-looking way. 

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Apples rolling down the street and someone chasing after them with a much too vulnerable looking bag with a hole in the bottom. Anyone who has ever witnessed a scene like that knows that fruit and vegetables require a firm bag. Besides, a broken fruit bag isn’t exactly good advertising for the greengrocer either. Because let’s be honest, would you want to chase your apples down the street? Therefore, you should choose solid, paper fruit bags!

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There’s a reason why the shops are full of handy stand-up pouches. They are a great way to bring your product to the attention. But the reclosable kraft stand-up pouches might be an even better choice to pack your products in. Are you curious about the advantages?  Let us line them up for you.

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What is nicer in this world then showing off your self made cupcakes in beautiful clear cupcake boxes? Okay, maybe eating them! Whether you are baking cupcakes for family and friends or actually sell them, with the cupcake boxes from Packlinq they look even more tasty.

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Imagine: crystal clear bags which make your products come out incredibly beautiful. Whether you want to pack art, photographs, stationeries, mailings, or handcrafts, with the re-sealable plastic bags of Packlinq, your products are at their most appealing representation!

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Food quality and safety are important assets for many hospitality entrepreneurs and/or shopkeepers who deal with selling fresh products. Luckily, today there are enough ways to freshly conserve food products for a longer time. An ideal way of keeping food fresh and more tasteful for a longer time, is achieved by using vacuum bags. At the same time, you give bacteria no chance of nestling in your foods. And the best of all: at Packlinq we sell the best-quality vacuum bags against a beneficial price, which means a win-win-win situation for our customers!

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18/07/2017 13:02 By Packlinq vacuum, foods, possiblilities, winwin, good serving, Packlinq

Loose screws, components, jewellery, textiles, documents, medicines, herbs. The list of products that can be put in a zip bag is nearly endless. These handy closable bags are indispensable in retail. You can find zip bags of the best quality for the lowest prices at Packlinq. On top of that, we also have an enormous assortment, so whatever format of zip bag you are looking for, you can find it in our web shop.

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18/07/2017 12:30 By Packlinq zip bags, foods, variation, snap-fit, Packlinq

A lot of consumers try to use less plastic. As a shopkeeper or entrepreneur, you can respond to this by handling plastic more conscious yourself as well, and by choosing for eco-friendly replacers whenever this is possible. One of those possible replacers is the kraft bag. Kraft bags are firm, paper bags that are available in all sorts of sizes and forms, and are thus appropriate for different products!

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18/07/2017 11:54 By Packlinq kraft bags, creative, re-closable, eco-friendly, foods, Packlinq
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