What is nicer in this world than showing off your self made cupcakes in a beautiful clear cupcake box? Okay, maybe eating them! Whether you are baking cupcakes for family and friends or actually sell them, with the cupcake boxes from Packlinq they look even more tasty.

Packlinq sells cupcake boxes in a wide array of sizes. You can buy boxes from us for one, two, four or even 6 cupcakes. Besides that we also have boxes for six or twelve mini cupcakes. All our boxes comply with the highest standards for food safety.

Your cupcakes deservea nice packaging
You are most likely creating the most beautiful cupcakes. That perhaps costs you quite some time, but eventually you made an edible piece of art. Why hide the cupcakes, that you worked so hard for, in an ugly closed box? With our super clear cupcake boxes with inserts, for keeping the cupcakes stable, you can really show off with your home made cupcakes in the most appealing presentation possible. Isn't it more fun to give away your cupcakes in a beautiful cupcake box? You can choose from rectangular, square or round boxes at our online website by the way.

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Selling cupcakes? Use super clear cupcake boxes!
As a bakery, pastry or hip food café you can no longer ignore cupcakes. It seems like everyone posts about showing and eating their cupcakes now a days. Make sure that your products gains attention by looking attractive in our clear cupcake boxes. The box as well as the insert tray are made of high clarity plastic, so your cupcakes can steal the show. By adding a company sticker or ribbon on it, it will make it easy for the boxes to match with your brand logo.

And perhaps you would like your cupcakes to be packed in bags? Do not forget to check out our wide assortment of cupcake bags!

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