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Custom made headerbags

Headerbags are a growing segment of our wide program. Packlinq is specialised in custom made or printed headerbags. Plastic headerbags can be made in numerous sizes, several qualities of films can be used and with our printing machines we can print the header bags exactly like you want them in your store. There are not many restrictions, but we would like to explain you a bit more about the possibilities. Below we will only specify the possibilities for headerbags, cello headerbags or simply plastic headerbags.

Photo de sachets avec suspensionSachets à suspension refermable avec fermeture sécurisée

Headerbags can be produced in almost any dimensions you like, but there are some limitations. The smallest bag we can make is 5 x 5cm and the widest we can make is 180cm wide and 140cm in height. The height must include the header and optional flap for reclosure, so these must be deducted.

Plastic films:
Packlinq produces header bags from OPP and CPP films mainly, but LDPE or HDPE bags can also be produced. The thickness of the films we convert is mainly any thickness between 25 and 70 micron, however the thickest quality for OPP is 60 micron. Also laminated films of Opp and Cpp are possible for example and naturally we can also supply bio-degradable films as OXO degradable or PLA. The headercard can be made of transparent clear OPP or white. The thickness of the headercard usually is 80 or 120 micron depending on the size of the header bags and the contents that will be packed in it. The heavier the contents, the thicker the headercard must be.

Our printing machines can print up to 7 colours. The printing method we use is rotogravure printing. Rotogravure printing has a lot of advantages over flexo printing. The colours are more vibrant and the print plates are cheaper. When you want a photo to be printed than rotogravure is the better method. Also the MOQ to run is less than with flexo printing. Our "in house" design team can help you design the look and feel that you want for your bag.

Options & Styles:
We can produce hanging bags with quite some options, like ventholes, microperforation, handles, bottom gusset or bundled on a header, you name it we can do it!

MOQ requirements:
Now this is where most of the limitations are. For an unprinted headerbag, but with special dimensions the MOQ is not so high. For printed headerbags this can be a little different, the bigger the bag, the smaller the MOQ needs to be. A fact is that we need at least 10,000 meters to run efficient on our printing machines. Now when you take the width of the headerbag that you want and divide the 10,000 meters by 2 times the width, this will give you a good idea of the MOQ. So for example you want a bag of 15x40cm than you calculate as follows: 10,000 / (2 x 0.15) = 30,000 bags.

Lead time:
This depends a bit on what type of printing files or samples you have available. We prefer Illustrator or EPS files in vector form. When these are available we can send you a digital print proof within a couple of days usually. When approved we can produce most orders within 4 weeks and need an additional 4 weeks for shipping it to you.

Ok, I am interested:
Good, so are we! Please call us or send us this form with your inquiry. We need to know from above mentioned options what you would like. So when you contact us make sure you know the dimensions of the headerbag, the height of the header and flap, the quality and thickness of film you want, the options you need, how many colours and what percentage of printing surface you want on your header bags and we will send you a quotation today!